JOY CHAIN Products

We are manufacturers & suppliers of chain products, including Conveyor Chain, Bucket Elevator Chain, Sprockets & Chain Accessories

JOY CHAIN offers the following chain products and accessories: 

We also supply:

  • Dryer Chain
  • 400mm Pitch Coal Reclaimer Chain
  • Bottle Washer Chain
  • Large size Special Chains
  • Roller Chains for Power Transmissions
  • Engineering Roller Chains
  • Bushed Roller Chains
  • Bushed Chains for Conveyors
  • Bushed Chains for Conveyors – for long-haul conveyors

Our chains are used and trusted by the most demanding industries, including: 

  • Motor Assembly Plants
  • Bottling and Canning Plants
  • Cement Industry
  • Reclaimer Applications
  • Pulp and paper plants

JOY CHAIN will be only too willing to assist in specifications and applications should this be required. JOY CHAIN is a trusted designer and manufacturer of quality chain and accessories, meeting the high demand for conveyor chains and bucket elevator chains.

Chain Products