Conveyor Chain – JOY CHAIN Products

JOY CHAIN offers the following Conveyor Chain and accessories: 

  • Conveyor Chain
  • Bucket Elevator Chain
  • Sprockets
  • Buckets
  • Slats

We also supply:

  • Dryer Chain
  • 400mm Pitch Coal Reclaimer Chain
  • Bottle Washer Chain
  • Large size Special Chains
  • Roller Chains for Power Transmissions
  • Engineering Roller Chains
  • Bushed Roller Chains
  • Bushed Chains for Conveyors
  • Bushed Chains for Conveyors – for long-haul conveyors

Our chains are used and trusted by the most demanding industries, including: 

Motor Assembly Plants
Bottling and Canning Plants
Cement Industry
Reclaimer Applications
Pulp and paper plants

JOY CHAIN will be only too willing to assist in specifications and applications should this be required. JOY CHAIN is a trusted designer and manufacturer of quality chain and accessories, meeting the high demand for conveyor chains and bucket elevator chains.

Conveyor Chain